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Originally Posted by glenk View Post
What I want to do is to have my current work folder back up the changes in the laptop folder to a storage folder on the Lacie, but if I delete something from my laptop NOT to delete it from the backup.
Another (and free!) option you might try is rsync. It's a command line tool that ships with Mac OS X, so you've already got it. You might even be able to find a nice GUI wrapper for it on VersionTracker or MacUpdate, but I don't know of one off the top of my head.

Since both the source and target are on the same machine, you won't need to deal with the more complicated aspects of rsync, but you may want to be careful about the types of files you use it on. Earlier versions of Mac OS shipped with a version that didn't really handle some types of files correctly (e.g. files with resource forks), but I believe that the current version fixes that issue. You might want to test it out before relying on it, just to be sure.

It should be noted that rsync can also be used to archive deleted or older versions of files as they are replaced or removed from your target. Very handy feature.
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