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Exclamation Problem with SMB Shares and Volume Menus

I've been running into an oddball issue with the volume selection menus in 2.5. When I have an SMB share mounted by root (and unreadable by users), the source and target menus are both grayed out. When the "Options" button is clicked, both the "General" and "Advanced" tabs and screens behave as expected, but the "Okay" button doesn't seem to do anything. Deleting the settings or preferences doesn't fix the problem, but dismounting the SMB share does.

I suspect that the same thing might happen if any volume that SD! doesn't have read/execute privileges on is mounted. Unfortunately, I haven't had an opportunity to verify that scenario.

System info:
PM G5 dual 2GHz w/ 4GB
Two internal drives (desired SD! source and target volumes)
External FW drive (Time Machine volume)
Drobo/DroboShare (SMB share)
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