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I had never heard of NTI Shadow, but I usually stick with mac OS X native apps, especially for something like backup. I want a Mac geek who knows OS X (another reason I registered Super Duper). There's a good chance that your issue isn't with the software, maybe the permissions are set differently on that folder?

Also, after posting here I re-evaluated my backup strategy and realized a lot of what I was relying on ChronoSync for was redundant with Time Machine, which wasn't even out when I set all this up.

ChronoSync allowed me to "smart backup", but also save archives of the changed files. Differently than the way Time Machine handles this, but a safety net al lthe same. I picked up Super Duper for the bootable factor. But now that I have Time Machine going, it's not only a redundant backup but also offers the archive/versioning I wanted.

I just today set up Super Duper to just clone/backup all my main drives, and let Time Machine run for versioning archives. ChronoSync is still handy for syncing the MacBook to the desktop, but if Super Duper ever offered a sync feature I would probably go SD all the way.

I did read ChronoSync was planning bootable backups, but that announcement has been on the site for many, many months. Plus, I have had nothing but the highest quality help with any issues -- either directly or via the forum -- with the Super Duper developer and keeping it all in one place would be great. And to be honest I really have had no issues with SuperDuper, mostly just questions.

In all fairness the ChronoSync dev was helpful as well, and I have had no probs with the software either. But since I no longer need the versioning backups, I would just go with SuperDuper since the main focus (cloning/backups) is simple to set up and I like the fact that it will auto-mount and auto-dismount the backup drives when needed.
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