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Originally Posted by glenk View Post
Can you recommend any products out there that might do what I need?
I demoed (and bought licenses) for quite a few sync programs, and I think the two best out there are Deja Vu and ChronoSync. I use ChronoSync (although I have a license for Dja Vu as well) because it offers more granularity in the sync/backup and there's tons more features for actually seeing the files, saving X number archive of any discarded files during syncs, etc.

I use SD to clone the boot drive, and ChronoSync to sync folders laptop to desktop as well as to just incrementally backup certain folders.

No offense to SuperDuper, but setting things up other than cloning a drive is just too arcane for me. SuperDuper was my last backup purchase, so I already had the others.
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