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Restore question -- Why didn't it work?

I've been faithfully using SuperDuper! for about 6 months to keep an up to date bootable clone of my internal HD on a FW hard drive. It's always been bootable, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, but when disaster struck I couldn't help but feel a little let down by the program I had so much faith in.

The main reasons I purchased SuperDuper were to have a bootable, cloned backup and also be able to restore this to my internal HD without screwing up Time Machine backups (I was referred to SuperDuper when CCC had issues with Time Machine).

So my hard drive died this past weekend and I thankfully had a very up to date clone on my external. The new drive came and I installed it, and then I went to pour all the contents of the external back onto internal.

here is what i did, and please let me know if this is not correct (although I could not find any documentation on the restore process anywhere :\)

-Booted to the backup drive
-Once in OS X, opened up SuperDuper and attempted a clone from the firewire HD back to the internal HD
-All seemed to go well (except it seemed I magically had 5GB more free space on the new drive than I did with the old drive)
-Tried booting from the internal drive and immediately got a kernel panic at the white screen with the throbber and Apple logo
-Attempted same process a second time, with the same exact results
-Last thing I tried was restoring via Disk Utility using the backup drive as the source
-This failed halfway through without explanation, but worked the second time I tried it
-Finally got booted into OS X on my internal drive and ran a Time Machine backup where it demanded to back up 80 GB out of 100 GB thinking it was all new data (it wasn't).

So can anyone tell me what went wrong here? I really do not want to have to go through this again. Is there any posted documentation on how to restore?

I have to send my MBP in for repair (SuperDrive broke) and I had planned to reformat my MBP internal HD before I sent it and then clone it from the backup drive after the repair, but that isn't looking like such a great idea right now.
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