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Dave, sounds like you're a dyed-in-the-wool FW man and that you haven't had a lot of either success or experience with eSATA to date. If you care to elaborate which (eSATA hasn't worked that well in your experience, or you just haven't used it much), that'd be nice. Especially given that we're likely going to be using eSATA a lot more in the future with FW going the way of the dodo bird.

I didn't think I'd get 3 Gbps, but I assume that setting it up that way would be 2x faster than whatever performance I got with 1.5Gbps... But are you saying that my back-of-envelope calculations of possibly 3-4x over FW800 are totally delusional and it probably wouldn't be that much faster (meaning it also wouldn't be 7-10x faster than USB 2?)

Trying to figure out how much I want the MBP w/expresscard & FW support... over the MB with only USB 2. I like the smaller form factor of the MB.

Anyone else: if you've played around with eSATA speeds when backing up using SD! and booting off eSATA (though I'm not as worried about booting support as I am about the speed diffs with FW800 &/or USB 2 when doing large/daily changing backups), please tell us your experiences, if you would!

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