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A WD MyBook working with PowerPC.

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
I really cannot recommend the MyBook drives. And they will not work as startup drives for Power PC Macs.
Strange, I have, for two-three years now, "smart-updating" a bootable clone of a PowerPC iMac G5 to an external WD MyBook USB/Firewire400 drive, dedicated for this purpose.
Using Firewire on a PPC of course, the booted clone has sometimes been running for weeks with no problem. It's most of the time powered off though.

This MyBook drive was purchased 2005/06, maybe newer ones have problems.
I'm still with SuperDuper! 2.1.4 and Mac OS X 10.4.10 on the iMac G5.

(Since 2005, I have/had totally 5 Western Digital MyBooks USB/Firewire400 for media. 2 died of pretty heavy use and more-than-average fragmented, I believe.)
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