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I have a few questions - the first is in relation to this thread:

I have a bootable backup of my main HD that I successfully applied your script to as you have described here. Now I want to erase my main HD and restore the backup. Is it necessary to apply the script again - I use superduper to restore the drive using the "restore all" option - do I have to execute the script again after the restore has finished?

On a different note I would like to know if there are any reliability issues if you want to maintain two (or more) separate backups on two (or more) separate partitions on the same external HD? I know you don't recommend using images for critical backups, but they are very handy when you want multiple backups on the same HD. The only other way I can think of is to partition the drive up in 2 or 3 partitions in order to keep 2 or 3 separate backups. Is this an ok strategy?

The last thing I would like to hear about is the Intego VirusBarrier X5 issues that have cropped up lately - are they still around? Are you planning on an update to fix them in the near future or what is going to happen? If they mean that you cannot perform a backup with X5 installed it is pretty critical.

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