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Newbie: b/u 2 Macs and an external drive?

I downloaded SuperDuper yesterday, have gone through the manual, am not sure I understand whether it can do what I want. I hope that experienced users here may know and be willing to help me.

I have 2 Macs (mine and my wife's), both running latest Leopard, with a wireless Time Capsule and another external drive firewired to one of the Macs. The firewire drive contains video files I have no room for on my small MacBook Pro drive, so at present, there's no b/u of the video files. Also, I've been concerned that my Time Capsule is in the same house as the computers, so if there were a catastrophe in the house, both computers and b/u might be gone.

So I just bought a little Passport 320 GB drive and downloaded SuperDuper, but I can't figure out whether it will do what I hope:

1) Bootable b/u of the MacBook Pro INCLUDING the external firewire drive's data. (It looks like SuperDuper is set up to b/u one disk at a time.)

2) I'm also hoping that in addition to (1), SuperDuper will also make scheduled b/u of the external firewire drive to the wireless Time Capsule, without interfering with the files from Time Machine.

3) I doubt that this will work, but thought I'd ask: Is it possible to do (1) and then hook the Passport to another Mac and b/u user files, or will that mess up the bootable b/u of the first Mac?

Many thanks!

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