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Super Duper Failed to Copy Media


I have 2.1.4 (v82)
I'm using Tiger 10.4.9

I have an older G5 Single Processor 1.8 with 4 Gigs of RAM - All is well with the computer.

I have 5 external Lacie Hard Drives. I have enough 800 Fire Wire Ports to accomodate all 5 Drives, including #2 TB Drives.

I recently tried to copy the contents of one of the Lacie drives to one of the TB Drives. Total content about 80 Gigs. Plenty of disk room all around.

After the Copy Process, I got a RED ERROR "Failed to Copy" Lacie 3 to Lacie 3B. However when I opened the Dupe Drive (Lacie 3B), it looked like all the files were there?

I decided to do a Repair Disk on Both Drives, then ERASE Lacie 3B & RECOPY from Lacie 3 drive again (using Smart Copy).

We'll see?

*Note - I had the other 4 Lacie Drives Turned OFF during the copy process.


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