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....well just about that is. As the user guide suggested, I tried using Disk Utility to repair the disk, tried copying that bad file elsewhere, tried emailing it, and finally tried deleting it - but nothing would do. Maybe its just located on a bad part of the disk and cannot be changed in any way because the drive is failing. Whatever the case, I did find a workaround.

All I had to do was make a new SuperDuper script that would backup all files EXCEPT that one bad one. So now I've got a perfect working copy of the drive sans that Safari library file "WebpageIcons.db". Don't know what the hell that file does but how important can it be? I can always download Safari and reinstall if necessary.

Can't wait to try restoring all my files once I'm done installing the new drive...

Thanks Dave and thank you SuperDuper for making backups easy.
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