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Question about changing drive configuration - RAID and SD!

I keep going back and forth about how to configure my system so any advice is appreciated. I have a MacPro and 4 internal drives - two 640GB drives and two 500GB drives. I have my main HD on a 640GB drive and back up to the second 640GB drive using SD, which works great. I have my photos (about 400GB worth) stored on the two 500GB drives in a RAID 1 array. It is this photo storage that I have a question about.

I am looking for a solution to: 1) increase my photo storage capability to 1TB, and 2) back it up to a second drive using SD. Keeping it in a RAID 1 array is not critical to me since I will be doing daily backups to the second drive, and I am not a pro who shoots for a living who needs ultimate minute-to-minute file duplication.

Here is what I am thinking: change the RAID 1 array to a RAID 0 array, thereby achieving my goal of 1TB of storage with my current configuration (and possibly getting better performance). Then buy an external 1TB drive and backup to that drive using SD daily. To me this seems to be the simplest solution. I realize that if one of the RAID 0 drives fails, then both drives fail, but I will always have a pretty much up-to-date backup (if I take a ton of photos one day or take some very important photos I would back them up right away to the external drive rather than waiting for my scheduled daily SD backup).

Any thoughts? I would like to keep things fairly simple, fast and cost-efficient.


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