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SD Upgrade Mac to Leopard


I'm new to SuperDuper and just want to confirm that I've understood it right before I start upgrading my macmini from Tiger to Leopard. But also I've got a couple of questions about SD in general which I'll ask at the bottom of this post.

::The Upgrade Process::
- Get a firewire drive and create an image on it of my macmini
- Install Leopard (formatting the macmini)
- During the install a migration tool pops up and I then access the image from the Firewire drive and copy all my apps / settings back, but this won't overwrite the Leopard install I've just done.

Is that right?

::SuperDuper Questions::
1. After I've created an image in my Firewire drive I can't use it for anything else. e.g I can't also use it for time machine without having to format it again and lose the macmini image?
2. (This questions follows from the first question). Once I have an image from my macmini I can't then create another image of my macbook without losing the image of my macmini?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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