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Originally Posted by Anne R View Post
...Anyone got any tips for me as to what I should expect/check after my restore?
having just done this too, you've described the process pretty well.

basically IF you have done full back ups and/or smart back ups...

restoring from a disaster is the same process reversed, AFTER u boot from the backup drive.

don't use leopard's disc utility (it is slow and hangs for me)

don't use the start up mac disc (recovery disc) that came with the machine.

just start up from the connected external drive (where your clone is) and...

OPEN s/d! and run through the options just like making the original cloned image.

only the source and destinations change, since the external drive is NOW the source and the internal 'puter drive is the destination.

here is the thread where dave just helped me with the process...

i agree ted' the user's guide isn't totally clear on this process, it is covered in 2 pages or so.

i think we are OVER analyzing the process or trying to make it harder than necessary...

now that i've done the deed and everything worked so smoothly, i GET how easy it is...

it's a good idea to boot up from a cloned external drive copy occasionally...

just to confirm it's all there and to review how a disaster recover is done...

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