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Backing up from external hard disc

Advice appreciated. I run a 120GB Intel Mini, attached via USB to a MiniMax 350GB external drive. I keep my iTunes and iPhoto libraries, plus my website folder and in future maybe some archived work as my main drive fills up.

I'm new to Leopard, but want to run Time Machine to back up my main drive to an always on Firewire drive (Iomega 160GB portable). Doing this means my libraries, plus stuff on the external drive, aren't backed up. So I want to use SuperDuper to back these up from the external 350 drive to the attached Firewire drive. I've read the user manual to see how to script to ignore particular folders, but I can't work out if it's possible to script to 'only copy' certain folders so I can back up my external drive stuff.

To explain in simpler terms - I use an external drive as an extension of my Mini to up my storage capacity, and need to get a backup strategy that covers both sections.

If anyone can walk me through how to do this, I'd be very grateful
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