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can't boot from underlying volume but can from Sandbox

About a month ago I made a Sandbox, and since then have been booting from the Sandbox and have installed a variety of software updates, including the OS (10.5.3 on the Sandbox, 10.5.2 on the underlying volume).

I cannot boot from the underlying volume ("Macintosh HD"). The grey gear starts to spin, and the machine shuts down. This is, alas, reproducible. To boot off of Macintosh HD I am holding the option key down while booting, and then choosing Macintosh HD from the list of available drives.

I can boot from and work from the Sandbox just fine, which is odd to me, since I thought the "guts" were shared. The Sandbox is of the "shared users and applications" variety.

Is there any way to recover from this situation? I have a backup that is about a month and half old on an external drive, but I really would rather not rebuild everything I've done to my new system since then if I can avoid it!
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