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Boot problem on FW drive

After reading through the discussions on this topic, I didn't solve my problem.

I have two iMac G5 (17" & 20") PPC with OSX 10.4.11.
The internal hard disk on one is dead, so I cloned the other imac to use it to startup the second one.

The only firewire drive I could find on this holiday weekend in Quebec is a Western Digital My Book (1To), It says on their website that although it is possible to boot from it, they will not give any support on how to do so. I got the same reply by phone.

It shows in system preference as a choice of startup disk.
It shows in disk utility.
Will not show by starting with Option.
The disk is partitioned Apple and formatted Mac os extended (journaled).

What else can I do ?

Thank you.....
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