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not running from the clone right now

Thanks for the quick response.

Forgive me for being dense, but as I look at the instructions from the first post I can only understand the first point:

"To use it, do the following:

1. Unzip the attached to a convenient location (not your Desktop - I recommend an "Applications" folder in your Home folder).

OK, that I understand... but

2. Set the "" script that gets unzipped a the "After copy" script in the Advanced tab of Options.

Sorry this second step is utterly Greek to me.

How do I ... "set a script" ? Is Super Duper already open when I do this? Is the Advanced tab of Options in Super Duper?

When I get the MacBook back again on Friday I'll try this all over again, because I do want to have a usable clone always on hand.

Thanks again.
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