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Question need some more instruction...


I downloaded your zip file and unzipped it.

In the past I thought of myself as a power user, but now since OS-X, there's a lot "under the hood" that's unclear to me.
For example, I have never used Terminal and am reluctant to do so unless I have really detailed instructions.

What do I do with this "" file? I can see that it is a text file.
Is it something that I paste into Terminal, if so, where and how? Or what do I do?

My MacBook is at the local Apple repair; where they determined that it needs a new motherboard, so I don't have the original hard drive in my hands.

Can I implement this fix when I have booted from the cloned drive? Or do I need to get the MacBook back and use this fix before creating a new clone?

As you can see, I am bordering on clueless.

Thanks for the help.

Jeff Hands
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