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Smart Update gets hung up after OS upgrade

First, let me apologize for asking two questions within minutes! (No hurry on the answers.)

A few weeks ago, I created my first bootable clone using SuperDuper. At that time, I was using Mac OS 10.4.2. Subsequent Smart Updates took about 10 minutes to perform.

Recently, I upgraded to OS 10.4.11. Now, when I run a Smart Update, the process stalls each time for a period of about 10 minutes while it appears that no files are examined or copied. The Smart Updates eventually are completed successfully after 20-25 minutes (40GB HD with about 5GB available), but I'm wondering if this stalling is indicative of some kind of problem.

(If it helps, after my last Smart Update, I looked at the log, and it showed many, many lines for the exact same time. Almost every line line contained in the log during the stall started "ignoring/private/var/temp/..., followed by a string of numbers.)

Is this normal?

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