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New to Super Duper question

I have the full version of SD and have cloned my internal HD to my external firewire HD without any problems, I've also used the Smart update to keep the clone up to date. However I only perform the Smart update on a weekly basis. (BTW, great application, new to Apple Dec2004).

My backup scheme is to use SD to clone to my FW HD (Clone) and perform Smart updates on a weekly basis. Update my home folder daily using Apple's Backup 2.02 Application to another FW HD (Backup). Burn a copy of my home folder to re-writable DVD on a monthly basis (8GB).

My plan has been to have the ability to clone from the FW HD (clone) back to my internal iMacG5 hard drive in case of HD failure, or software problems.
1) Is this a wrong approach?
2) Is there an easier, better approach?
3) Im I way off base using SD this way?

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