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Thanks for your quick reply, Dave.

I was seeing some strange behavior with my sandbox, and I created a new one which had the same issues. I then suspected the problem was with the full volume.

However, another possibility of course is that there's something in the creation process of the sandbox that's throwing it off.

I'm booted from my full volume right now and I'm not having any of the problems. I'm talking about application crashes and freezes, and also a strange phenomenon where the dock does not appear when I move my cursor to the bottom of the screen - even though I have it set up to appear and disappear automatically.

Also, when I choose a menu in an application or the finder, and click on it, as I'm scrolling through the items they do not highlight as they should. I move my cursor down the menu and nothing happens. I can click on the menu item to activate it, but no highlighting at all.

This has never happened when booted from the full volume, though it has happened intermittently with at least two sandboxes. Do you think this could be related to the "prebindings" issue? I did use the script you provided last time I made the sandbox, but it's still happening.
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