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Smart Update or erase & full restore?


I'm having problems with my system. They seemed to start after I used Leopard Cache Cleaner to clean some caches. I tried booting from the full volume, and creating a new sandbox, but the problem remains - so I suspect it is within the full volume itself.

I have a clone from several days ago on an external FW drive. I was thinking of booting from that drive, and then using "Smart Update" to restore my internal full volume. Is this sufficient, or should I completely erase the internal volume and then copy the clone over?

Also... I have hourly TM backups on another internal disk. If I restore from the clone that is about five days old, will I be able to retrieve individual files & folders that have been created since the clone within the past five days? That's not an SD question, I know, but I'm still pretty unfamiliar with how TM works and I'm hoping you can answer it.

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