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Question Converting Read-Only to Read-Only?

Is this a bug or is there a reason that it has to do this? Just so this is completely clear as to what I'm asking: When I make an image I choose Read-Only as my image type to create, then as part of step 3; it says Converting to Read-Only Image. I figured logically that creating a read only image to start with i could basically eliminate this step. Any ideas?

I just recently started using SuperDuper! for imaging and love the fact that i can just start the process and walk away. What seems odd is that on some of the newest hardware (iMacs, MacBook Pro) and using FireWire 800, I seem to only get an effective copy speed of 3 to 7MB/s. Total time is over 2 and some odd minutes for a drive with only 11GB. Seems slow but I'm willing to deal for the convenience of not having to babysit the process like i had to before using SuperDuper!.

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