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Originally Posted by fmlogue View Post
greengrass, just restart from your clone to see if you need this script. I fail to understand why some one would not check out the clone, but wait it is needed to see if it actually works? Seems that would not be a good time to discover that you cannot use your backup copy. But that is just my opinion.
The problem is two fold. "some systems" and "some applications" are different criteria. My clones boot and seem to work well. So I consider SuperDuper a great success.

But, without knowing which applications are failing, I would need to test every application? My Applications folder shows 131 items with several folders containing multiple applications. I could actually test these programs from a booted clone, but I add new programs regularly, and would then have to test each new program to see if it will work from a clone?

I also have extensive rules set up with Little Snitch. Is there a problem with getting these rules to work on my backup?

My weekly scheduled backups are designed to be used on a regular basis as a working machine. I use an external 500 GB FW800 drive to boot from in the office, and clone what I need to my Laptop's internal 160 GB drive when I'm on the road. This seems to work perfectly as the programs and files I need on-site are there, and up to date. I'm just hoping the programs will actually work when needed.
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