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Originally Posted by dnanian
Given that, are you sure you're not running from a Safety Clone, as opposed to a full "Backup - all files" clone?

If not, try naming the backup the *same* as the internal drive, smart update it, and then boot from it. (I explain elsewhere on the forums about aliases resolving using the volume name...)
My startup disk is a Safety clone. I also have a "Backup - all files" clone. WHen I startup from the full clone, I get the same error with Disk Utility and Disk Warrior run from the startup disk. Since Disk Utility is not aliased to the internal drive on either the Safety clone or the full clone, it should not be aliasing the DU on the internal drive. The same problem occurs with the eDrive cloned by Techtool Pro.

For reasons beyond me, only my internal drive shows up on the desktop. None of the partitions on the external fire drive show up on the desktop. I did not realize they were not there because I have Finder Preferences set not to show the disks on the desktop since I can access them via DragThing or via a Finder Folder where they all show up. The desktop appears to be only place I can try to rename the Safety Clone, short of recloning it with same name as internal drive, if SuperDuper allows that.

For what it is worth, I attached the output of open files when I booted from the Full Clone. It is much smaller.
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