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SD and TM backups - what goes first?

Hi all,

I've been reading the posts here as well as the FAQ and manual, and quite understand that both SD and TimeMachine backups can be stored on the same drive and on the same partition without doing any harm to each other. Nevertheless, I have a question which may seem weird, but, in my opinion, has some logics behind it. So the question is: say, I have a new HDD to be used for backups, but which of the two (SD or TM) to apply to the drive first? What I mean is that I would like to have a bootable SD backup, so my guess is that first I need to make the HDD bootable with SD (this making SD the FIRST thing to apply to the HDD, right?). And only after this (erasing the HDD with SD, then making a clone, then making the HDD bootable) I should turn TM on and save TM backups to the same partition. Is this the correct order? Or am I missing something? Because, as I see it, if I use TM first and then would like to use SD for a bootable clone, SD would erase everything first (together with TM backups).

And one more question: say, I have a 500Gb HDD to be used for backups. Do you think I should partition it (e.g.: 300Gb for a bootable SD clone of my iMac's internal HDD; 100Gb for TM backups of my iMac's HDD and 100Gb for a bootable SD clone of my MacBook's internal HDD)? Hence, BTW, another question: will it be possible to have TWO BOOTABLE partitions on the same HDD (one partition storing a bootable clone of Leopard on my iMac, another storing a bootable clone of Tiger on my MacBook).

Thank you so very much in advance!
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