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Hi fmlogue

You know what ?
I'm happy
I'm not alone with this problem !
I discovered that Rebuild prebindings was a
reliable solution, but i do not know why ?

Do u have Little Snitch running during the cloning ?
Had you check the Box " Repair permission on Mac HD" ?

Problem is the same on PPC and Mac Intel

I tried to quit all when i made the clone, but not Little Snitch ...
And many other Mac OS X.5 process running in the same time.
I have also 'PlugSuit" enable for Safari, a plug-in to have SafariPlus and TwiceTab active.
This work with "SIMBL" in Application Support"

I ask Dave by mail for a possible idea off what's happen , but he never see that yet.

At least ! we are 2 now.

Ps : I did a smart update and ran into the same problem also ... (solved by Rebuilding prebindings on he clone booted)

(Clones mades on LaCie and Iomega 2.5 HD FireWire 400)
Parcere subjectis et debellare superbos ... Thanks Virgile !

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