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Another "can't boot from cloned drive" problem.

I'm using Tiger on an iMac flat panel, running off several external Lacie firewire drives (not at the same time, of course), as the SMART status of my internal drive failed quite some time ago--everything got backed-up thanks to SuperDuper. I'm a registered user of SuperDuper, love the program, and haven't had any problems until yesterday.

I cloned the external drive I use the most to a partition ("backupboot") on another drive so I could partition this "main" drive, using Apple's disk utility, just 2 partitions, the same way I partitioned my other drives. Then I cloned this "backupboot" to the new partition of this "main" drive. It mounts just fine, all the data is there, I can drag it out, etc. But when I select it in preferences (it is there, and can be highlighted, and the computer says it will start-up on this drive when I restart), and then restart, the computer will not boot from it. It always has in the past, so it's not a problem with the drive.

And when I press "option" after restart, it does not show up to select.

I looked around a bit, and looked in the drive folders of both the drive I'm running off of now (also cloned some time ago with SuperDuper), and this newly partitioned drive, and noticed the folder called "System" on my current drive has a "X" icon on it, but the folder called "System" on this newly cloned drive (partition) does not. Now, according to some sites, the lack of the "X" means the folder is not "blessed" as a start-up folder (but then why would it show up in preferences?). But for the life of me, I can't figure out their instructions for getting it "blessed".

I searched the best I could here, and couldn't find an answer.

Any suggestions?
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