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Update of Manual advisably for Leopard


congratulation on the new version. As it can be seen on the forum, the new functions or functionality in SD are not (yet) properly addressed in the manual. I was not able to find a single reference to TimeMachine and Leopard-specifics. Though that is not very very urgent it should be addressed.
SD claims supersimple usability (and indeed some rather complicated things if one dares to delve deeper like sandbox etc.) so the questions:
a) what do I do about TimeMachine (leave it, no switching off necessary); b) what to do with a HD already used by TimeMachine: choose "Smart Update" NOT "Erase then copy"

should be answered in length in an updated helpfile.

I am happy to learn that this is visible and addressed in the GUI but in my case I prefer to read first (the manual) and THEN try it out.

Nevertheless I can understand that shipping SD after so many complaints is a reason to take a deep breath and relax but this in my opinion should be covered sonner than later.


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