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From 12 min to 22 min for the same clone?!

I'm on a Powerbook G4 1.5 15", 1.5 GB RAM mostly, an iMac G5 also being backed up sometimes.
Editing just to say that I'm on the latest update of Tiger.

I'm cloning my Powerbook's internal HD to a Lacie Portable 160Gb every day, using the Smart Update option. My backups took usualy between 10-12 minutes. All of a sudden it took SD 21 - 22 minutes for the same task and I haven't changed anything bigger on my Mac. I haven't installed any new software, I moved some films (some 10 GB) to another external drive but I haven't checked how long the backup directly after that took. Maybe that's the reason?

But now the CD should have got used to the new size of my internal drive and maybe go back to 11-12 minutes?

This is just for the curiosity, I don't mind it taking some more time as long as everything is working OK.

I've read in some of the posts around here that somebody needed to reboot in order to get rid of the temporary files, does a reboot do that job?

I've tried to use the CleanApp (by the way, any thoughts about this software?) and clean the catches, but it doesn't seem to take away too much. None of the catche folderws get really empty when the program shows a list of them.


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