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You should use the steps indicated in Section 5 of the User's Guide. To summarize:

- Turn the G5 off.
- Attach the Firewire drive and turn it on.
- Hold down "Option" and turn on the machine.
- When the LaCie appears, select it and click the arrow to boot from it.
- Once logged in, run SuperDuper!
- Choose the LaCie as the source, and the internal drive as the destination.
- Choose "Backup - all files" as the script
- Ensure you're using either "Erase, then copy" or "Smart Update" as the "During copy" method in Options
- Check "Reboot from <internal drive name>" in Options
- Click Start Copying

That should work fine.

(Since you're sending me this stuff as support email too, Bobby, I'm going to continue this there. We can post a summary here when we're done, OK?)
--Dave Nanian
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