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Originally Posted by dnanian
As the "UI Guy", it's not something that I particular wanted, and considering that no one has noticed that it was broken until this very minute, I'm not sure anyone else wants it either!
What I would like is a cleaner way of viewing/editing all available Copy Scripts (standard and custom) within SD, rather than having to open a bunch of files in the Finder. It would also be great to quickly view which scripts include and are included by other scripts, and then quickly view the specifics those other scripts.

For me, a feature like that would have quickly demystified the perceived voodoo of the "behind the scenes" Copy Scripts that do the work of the primary Backup and "Sandbox" scripts. I'm probably a little bit more curious in this respect than the average user (case in point:, but it seems that an interface like this would enhance the usability of SD's potential power. (That didn't sound quite as much like marketing-speak in my head. )

I know you're going to be addressing the Copy Scripts name and interface in 2.0, and on your blog (I'm holding you to that "subject for another post" comment you made in "SuperDuper! design error #78,272" ). I'll leave the specifics up to the UI geniuses that you are; it's no small feat to make something as traditionally complex as perfectly backup up your life / hard drive as simple as SD makes it seem.
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