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Posts: 2 it was me, but it was before I actually purchased SuperDuper and I was thinking of it for a related but not exactly the same idea. It was before I bought the iMac and wanted to easily get stuff from my Cube to the iMac. Ended up just using target disk mode. The synching with the powerbook was still a dream, since I have been doing it manually for so long, if awkwardly.

I've been thinking about the .mac but hate spending the extra $ if I can avoid it, especially since it is a twice a year problem, for the most part. There are many competing uses for that $100 a year.

As for using the powerbook when I was would mean prying it from my boyfriend's hands since he uses it 95% of the time when we are in the states. He checks all of his mail online so it isn't an issue for him that the mail is on two macs. That is a whole different issue, not one that applies here.

So, it would work to clone the iMac to the powerbook? I assume I do it as I do the firewire drive...hook the two together, reformat the drive and backup to the powerbook?

99% of the issue is mail related, copying user files is less a problem, just tme consuming. I may end up with the .mac route in the end though.

thanks for the great support.

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