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Hi, Peg. I've heard about your situation before, and since it sounds awfully familiar, I think it must have been from a consultant who was asking on your behalf.

In general, for this situation, I think I'd recommend copying from the iMac to the Powerbook one time, but then migrating to a .mac solution for both Mail and the files you want to share.

For Mail, .Mac uses IMAP, which actually stores the mail on the server, including mail you place in folders. This mail is automatically synchronized between as many machines as you'd like, so when you move a message it moves everywhere. It's an excellent way to go, and it works online too -- a copy of each message is stored locally, and when you connect to the Internet again things are properly synchronized.

Similarly, an iDisk can store a copy "locally". This copy is synchronized up with the server automatically when you connect to the internet, but you work on it locally when you're offline. You can get a rather decently sized iDisk, too -- and all the synchronization is handled completely transparently unless there's a conflict.

You can still use a FireWire drive to make a backup -- I'd encourage it, of course. But what's great is the whole "two machine" thing begins to feel like "one machine"... which is exactly what you want -- a transparent and reliable transition between PowerBook and iMac. You might even find yourself working on your PowerBook more often when you're not in Africa because it's become easier!

Does that make sense?
--Dave Nanian
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