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Backup Problem - phantom disk image?

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I made a "sparse image" of my HD onto an external drive. Today I tried to do a smartupdate to the same file. For some reason, my HD started to fill up during the update, and next thing I know, I'm out of HD space. I cancelled the SmartUpdate, then I ejected the diskimage that was mounted on my desktop. But the file is still on my HD somewhere, taking up just about all my HD space. I've tried looking for the file in Finder, nothing. I've tried empyting the trash, nothing. I tried to find it in Disk Utility, but there's nothing there but my HD. I looked in the Startup Disk preferences, and still just the one volume. I tried restarting my computer, and I got an error (a blinking folder and "?") which apparently means my computer didn't know where to startup from.
How can I find this "phantom" file and get rid of it?? I'm starting to feel desperate...

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