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Greetings, it's me again.. I have now had SupeDupe for about 6 hours. I think I'm finally figuring out the whole Safety clone complex. Here is a question I have: I set up my external hardrive into two partitions, one for a bootable clone, and a smaller one for safety clone. However, after analyzing how this system works, am I okay to just make it all one safety clone partition? It seems like I am wasting a partition otherwise. If I'm reading this right, a safety clone is virtually a bootable clone of my system, mirroring my user and app files. It also acts as sort of a "scratch" sytem, to test the integrity of system updates, etc.

So, how do the pros use this? Do they have only one partition (safety) on external drives, or two, as mentioned above? Does it really matter?

Thanks again from a very green newbie (I bought my very first computer 5 months ago, but I'm catching on very, very quickly!)
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