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Leopard and Smart Backups


I understand that SD! is not yet fully compatible with Leopard. However from what I read here the only problem is creating a bootable backup?

Well, this is my first time using SuperDuper. I was waiting for Time Machine before I started my regular backups - but I found Superduper and it seems much better.

My issue is -

I am creating backups into Sparseimage files - from several disks onto one backup drive. I made a little script thing to exclude all files on the drives except the folders I wanted (4 folders in total - about 25gb). I ran the Smart Backup for the first time and it backed up the information. No problems I thought. Then when I ran it next time, again using Smart Backup thinking it would skim over pretty much all of it and maybe make a few changes - it actually copied everything again. The full 25gb.

Is there a reason for this that you know of? I let it do another full smart backup, then straight away did it again and it copied it all again - instead of just skimming it and checking that the files were the same.

Is this a Leopard bug you are aware of?


PS Eta of Leopard compatible?
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