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Smile About WinClone...

So, I'm checking out WinClone and I'm assuming that this is a Mac app that I use to copy the entire Windows drive to an image file which I would store on a separate Mac formatted drive.

Is this correct? Can I choose the destination drive for the image?

Additionally, if my Windows drive is 1TB, then will I have to have a 1TB drive to copy the image to, or will it depend on how much of that 1TB drive I'm actually using? In other words, If my Windows drive is 1TB, but the entire Windows OS and apps weigh in at 100 GB then will the image created by WinClone only be 100 GB or will it be 1 TB?

Finally, has anyone actually tried restoring from WinClone? Does it work?

One more thing, I appreciate the new Acronis info, but I'll look into it only if the WinClone idea won't work.
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