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Startup disk almost full! Help

Every so often I get a message from my Powerbook that says 'startup disk almost full'.
I've bought a 500GB MyBook and I've downloaded Super Duper. Now what I need to know is can I clone my HD onto the MyBook and then just take the laptop back to original factory settings so I can free up space on the HD? Would I be able to look at my photos and docs and stuff on the MyBook without having to restore it all to my HD? Could I continue to backup any new files I create to the MyBook using Super Duper without losing files from the original cloning? Does the HD have to be identical to the 'old' files that would be on the clone?

I am making a clone of my hard drive first while I'm at work, so I'll find out if it worked when I get home.

Any help would be appreciated! I'm hoping to get this done soon.
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