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Originally Posted by timlance View Post
I thought "A-ha" and started everything but didn't plug the machine in until told to connect drive. Powering on the drive must appear as booting.
What you said here confuses me. it looks like you were migrating from an external drive to a MacBook. Plugging in a MacBook should make no difference since it runs on battery power when not plugged in. What "machine" do you refer to? Did you mean you didn't plug the DRIVE into a power outlet? or plug the drive into the MacBook? I'm sorry, but I'm still unsure.

I'm not computer saavy. I need step-by-step instructions.

From what you wrote, I'm guessing I need to:
  1. Turn off my external drive making sure it's not attached to new iMac by any cable
  2. Start my new iMac for the first time
  3. When I get to the Migration Assistant, I should connect the firewire cable
  4. Then I should power on the drive
  5. The new iMac should recognize the external drive as if it were in an old Mac in Firewire Target Mode
  6. Migration Assistant should clone the external drive onto the Macintosh HD drive of the new iMac
  7. When I disconnect the external drive and reboot the new iMac, it should boot from its internal drive and have the same contents and settings as the old iMac that was backed up on the external drive
Is this correct?
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