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Question How do I clone a new iMac from a backup on an external drive?

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
You can definitely do this from a drive (written directly), but not from an image, as far as I know.
So what are the exact steps to do this?

I'm new to Macs. I purchased a 20" Intel iMac and spent over a WEEK sorting files and installing software. I now need to return the iMac to AppleCare due to a defective iSight and await a new one. As I type this on another computer, I'm making an exact copy backup onto an external drive using Superduper.

Trouble is, I don't know what to do with the external drive when the new iMac arrives. Since it's just a hard drive, I don't know how to put it into "firewire target mode" that you would put an actual computer into by holding down the T key while starting up (to use the Migration Assistant).

Can anyone provide a step-by-step tutorial?
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