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For the benefit of other forum readers, I'm posting the text of a conversation Dave and I had via private email (which I really should have conducted in the forum, I guess...)

I sent Dave a copy of my script...

Dave said: "Are you trying to create a Sandbox with this stuff, Gary?"

I replied:


At one stage I started to try out a Sandbox, which didn't work, so I then tried a straight Backup, ignoring some folders.
I may have inadvertently mashed the scripts together and come up with a monster.
Let me try a straight Backup (ignoring some folders) from scratch and see what happens...

Thanks for your time.


And then:

I tried a straight Backup (ignoring some folders), setting up the script from scratch and it seems to have worked perfectly!

I must have got my previous script confused with an earlier attempt at a Sandbox script. Now I feel really stupid - I'm usually better than this at scripting stuff.

Anyway, many thanks, Dave, for your patience and help at pointing me in the right direction.

All the best,
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