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Originally Posted by transco View Post
Has anyone seen an up-to-date comparison of 1TB drives currently available?
You haven't seen any comparisons because there's only one 1TB drive readily available at this time...the Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 which has a three-year warranty.

Seagate is to ship a 1TB drive with five-year warranty in the late-3rd/early-4th quarter of this year and that should drive the $355 (street) price of the Hitachi down a bit. Plus, Western Digital just announced their "GreenPower" 1TB drive will ship in the 3rd quarter of this denoting a drive with a lower power consumption than the two competitors.

Many reviews of the Hitachi drive on the 'net, Tom's Hardware has one of the more comprehensive ones.

I've got four of the Hitachi drives in a RAID array and have been very pleased with them. Smooth, quiet and fast. They format at 931.4GB.
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