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Backup to AirPort Disk without sparse image - will it be around eventually?

Hi, sorry if this has been posted before.

I use four AirPort disks and three of them act as backup disks. I have been using SuperDuper for some time, but after the introduction of AirPort disks I have been looking around for something else because:

1) I can't backup FROM an AirPort disk

2) I can't backup TO an AirPort disk

...and obviously backup from one AirPort disk to another is out of the question as well. Except if I use the sparse image method, which makes all my stuff a lot less available, especially because I have 2 TB of files I would like to have on that disk as files on the disk, not on an image etc...

I use "Data Backup" from Prosoft now, works like it should so far. AirPort disks are treated like any other disks.

However - I would like to use SuperDuper instead because it's a much nicer app really.

Will this feature be around eventuelly??
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