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Question Keyboard doesn't work after using superduper

Hi, I made a copy of all files from my macintosh hd to my external drive. I restarted the computer booting from the external drive and everything was fine. So I copied all files from the external to the internal harddrive and restarted the computer with the internal harddrive. Everything looked fine until I went down to my dock. All the icons were screwed up. The icons were blank sheets and folders. I also noticed that the function keys on my macbook pro wouldnt work since I couldnt change the screen brightness or volume.
I thought this was caused by my internal harddrive being named "untitled" and not "macintosh hd" and this was causing the problems.

So I decided to redo everything and copy all files from my external to my internal drive. This time I made sure the internal drive was named "Macintosh HD." After it was done copying the files I shutdown the computer and disconnected the external harddrive. The computer took a little longer than usual to start up. After I logged in, I noticed the dock icons were fine but now the keyboard and trackpad on the macbook pro does not work. I can only use my external keyboard and mouse to control the computer. Also, I can't control my volume or screen brightness from my external keyboard.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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