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OK. I don't have a firewire drive, but I'm considering using my iPod in disk mode as a destination device to see how well a wired usb storage device will work...on a small (a folder or two) scale, for sake of comparison.

Other than that, I'll use finder copy as you suggested and do a clean install. It's really time anyway. Thanks for your help. You're answering questions and keeping me going, a little outside your domain (of SuperDuper). I've heard good things about your tech sup. Clearly all warranted. In fact, this may be the best, quickest, most helpful response I've ever gotten from a tech sup kind of issue. The only other company that comes close in Omni Software. Thank you!!!

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
This really looks like the destination is failing, not the source. Is there enough free space on the Buffalo?

I'd strongly suggest trying to copy to a local FireWire drive to see if that works properly...
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