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Scheduled operations do not start


I've been working on a client's somputer, trying to set up a proper backup schedule. However, the scheduled backups simply do not start, and the SuperDuper! log shows nothing. Please give me some indications as to where I should look for problems. I'm planning to look into it tomorrow night again.

Last time I was working on the computer it was running 10.4.8 with the latest version of SuperDuper! available at the time (probably a month or so ago). I think I remember typing in the admin password to enable scheduled backups, and I tried the suggestion mentioned in the forums regarding a bug - start backup and then minimize window. The backups are scheduled as weekly (two of them, for the same starting time) copying certain folders from two internal hard drives to two sparseimages on a Maxtor OneTouch connected by firewire. They run fine when started manually. No special scripting or anything, with smart backup activated.


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