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Originally Posted by dnanian
Maybe I didn't quite understand -- you said that you Daisy Chained the drives, but you also indicated that you're using two FireWire ports. Do you have them *both* Daisy Chained AND plugged into the two ports?

I'd try simplifying the bus as much as possible. Don't daisy chain the drives if you can help it...
No, I don't have the 2 drives plugged into the 2 ports. Only the 250 is plugged into 1 of the 2 ports, and the 160 is plugged into the 250. I'm sorry that I confused you. Your suggestion of using both ports is interesting. I haven't done this with 2 drives before, and wanted to have solid backup so I wouldn't loose any of my photos or tunes, like I almost did when the first drive went south. I am truly amazed at your following up on the emails. It sure is refreshing to actually recieve an answer to questions sooner than I have ever gotten from any forum before. Thank You!
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