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Thanks for the response!

Originally Posted by dnanian
The 160 is likely formatted as FAT32, rather than HFS+. Use Disk Utility to erase it, using "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the format, and things should work fine.
I have had it with this hard drive. A while ago this drive crapped out on me. I had the files (iPhoto and iTunes files) rescued by the IT dept. at work, onto DVD's. Then I sent the drive back to Fantom and they said that all that they could do is reformat it and send it back to me. I checked it out and it is formatted for Mac Extended and journaled. I also erased it 3 times, when the drive stopped accepting information, after about 9 hours of running today and then 3 hours after work. I have tried for 3 days to get this thing working. I think that there must be something more wrong with it than just a reformat job. Is there anything that you may suggest that I could try to find out what and if more severe problems exist on this thing. All in all, I think that Superduper is the real answer to a lot of backup questions, and I thank you for the program. I will just have to wait to find out what my problems are and then use the SD again with the same confidence that I have now for the app. Thanks: Lyle
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